Australian Labor Party continues money grab by coal and gas

I am impressed that the Labor Environment Action Network  (LEAN) experienced a few disappointments at the NSW Labor Party Conference, and more that is was able to say so.  NSW is already taking the climate suicide way out in approving new coal and gas mining projects.

Like in all societies supported by fossil fuel addiction, the ALP can and has ticked a large number of boxes on restoring environment, circular economy, supporting sustainable industries, becoming a clean energy superpower. But it refuses to have any measures to prevent new coal and gas mining expansions. This undoes any and all good work that can possibly be achieved with "bright green wash" measures. All of them are going to be undone by global heating.

The relative importance of green-wash, compared to the subsidies of coal oil and gas, is clearly measured by the size of the money flows allocated to each. Green-washing promises can have smaller costs, if actually funded post election, but have a larger public relations impact, and just has to sound good. Most like a "circular economy" will likely never be fully achieved in an industrial system, as we chew up our non-renewable resources and spread waste products all over our planet.

Like the LNP Australian government climate "plan", for a shiny sales brochure, political green wash is for the election game of marketing spin. Green wash is not very deeply questioned corroborative surface detail. In our complex world, which promotes ongoing growth of economic systems, most greenwash is fake. Economic growth increases our abusive biosphere relationship. Where is the promise to end logging of native forests?  Did we not just lose 20% of our forest ecosystems in a single year of climate enhanced fires? 

Its quite amazing what could be done with best environment and industrial practices, if proper funding for research, regulation and legislative adoption was provided. NSW Victorian governments have already "seen the light" on the economics and advantages of renewable energy, following on the great achievements of South Australia.   Public subsidy of foreign corporations rolls into the real accounting money billions, with a large uncertainty range, depending how many hidden dodgy accounting scams and tax-avoidance schemes are exposed. 

Link to Potholer54 : A clean energy solution embraced by both sides of politics

An email report from a LEAN member, says that the Labor platform now explicitly supports new gas projects and associated infrastructure, meaning Australia is being looted by foreign gas corporations.  The Labor party will not support a ban on mining directly under our dams and water catchments. However overall scarcity of our water supplies, is a growing risk for our climate change challenged nation.

Public subsidies to foreign coal and gas projects exceed the royalties and taxes collected by Australian governments. A cessation of this money churn and resources steal, is more than likely to be a help for struggling government budgets. The Labor party would not adopt an amendment to stop public subsidy of what is rapidly cooking our biosphere.

So the fossil fuel money and power brokers are still in charge of NSW Labor, because of course their is no rapid transition plan from coal, oil and gas. Our two largest political parties, and two largest receivers of mining industry donations and kickbacks, remain implacably opposed to having a rapid decarbonisation plan for our economy. Our elected politicians obviously do not appreciate the dire nature of their national and global emergency. It remains to be seen if the alleged  "born-again climate converted" Murdoch Media are willing and able to work on moving this large Australian population and corruptly sluggard political parties into alarmism and actions appropriate for a global climate emergency.

Michael Rynn
NSW Labor Conference fails to cut ties to big coal and gas
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The Australian Labor Party continues money grab by coal and gas

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