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Due to repeated and blatant infringement by the human species of Nature's non-negotiable terms of service, planet Earth will not be able to provide a home for human industrial civilization and its abuse much longer. Nature will have no choice in pushing human and many other species towards a rapid extinction. Death of Nature, means death of us. Many species are now rapidly diminishing towards extinction. Human caused global warming disrupts ecosystems everywhere. This is the result of human species using powerful technologies to run down and destroy several nature's most important ecosystems. This is purely for the short term personal benefits of a small minority of people, who prefer to build their own personal fortunes. They prefer to be called elites.

In Australia there ought to be much more serious action on mitigating Australia's contributions to global warming.

There isn't because Australian governments are full of politicians  under the direct money spells of fossil fuel mining by foreign corporations. Government subsidies form them are a disgrace.

Our global contribution is quite high, for such a small national population. Each year Australia's domestic emissions are about 25 tonnes per person. With the burning of our exported fuels, our global contribution is more like 70 tonnes per person per year.

The climate science and global evidence is certain. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities on a global industrial scale are responsible for the gradually rising average temperatures everywhere. Due to the huge occupation and exploitation of land and oceans, the global carrying capacity for our planet of nearly 8 billion human beings is already failing and falling fast.

Parramatta Climate Action Network is a group of volunteers centered in Parramatta, Western Sydney, NSW Australia. Some more details about ParraCAN are here.

Michael Rynn
Earth will not be able to provide a home for human industrial civilization and its abuse much longer. Death of Nature means death of us.
Death of nature, death of us. Parramatta Climate Action Network
Terms of Service