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Hot, Dry and Deadly: Near term future impacts of climate change in NSW Nature Conservation Council Remote 2018-05-20

Renewable energy is the Good News Here Blog 2018-05-20

Renewables, excluding large hydro, made up three-fifths of net power capacity growth in 2017 and supplied a record 12% share of global electricity generation.

Global renewable investment held steady, with falling costs ensuring the same money bought record levels of new capacity. Within that, developing nations, led by China, claimed an ever-larger share of the total as investment fell steeply in several European countries.

Global solar capacity grew faster than fossil fuels in 2017, says report Carbon Brief Remote 2018-05-20

The original article graph from the linked article is redone with one extra column - Total new renewable energy capacity - since fossil fuels is total new Coal, Gas and Oil. This marks the decline of total fossil fuel investment from 2013, while new Solar investment continued to rise, and new Wind less so.
A Plan to Repower Australia Getup Remote 2018-05-17

Download and read the plan -  100% Renewable, 100% Doable, 100% Better

Rewrite the rules, Repower the country, Replace the polluters

Evolutionary Dead-Ends Collapse of Industrial Civilisation Remote 2018-05-16

Link is to an Article about Us.  Reads like an obituary for our species. Quotes and quoted include: -

No one thought that ecosystems such as The Great Barrier Reef would be circling the drain this soon.

Intelligence without sapience has produced deadly results.

Climate feedback loops and ice sheet modeling are two weak areas of climate science, which means many unpleasant surprises.

Unless or until constrained by negative feedback - the population of all species

  • Expands to occupy all accessible habitats.
  • Use all available resources.

We’ve become hostages to the complex structures and ever more intricate specialisation of an economic system designed to exploit diminishing resources.

The notion that economic growth must take precedence over all other considerations and general ignorance of biological and ecological realities do not augur well for the future

A common factor was the myopic and self-serving decision-making of elites who believed they could insulate themselves from the consequences of societal disasters.

We’ve arranged a civilisation in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster.

Environmental defenders being killed in record numbers globally, new research reveals The Guardian Remote 2018-05-16

It [comes from] mining, agribusiness, illegal logging and dam building.

        - Sounds like some of our governments favourite things.

"There is now an overwhelming incentive to wreck the environment for economic reasons"

        - I guess this is the end game for our world

Another Australian Federal Budget Climate Failure Here Blog 2018-05-11

I don't think I heard any news items about our federal budget showing fiduciary responsibility for action on global warming. News publications are similarly silent, only David Pope had a decent cartoon. Ian Dunlop pre-empted them all with an article in Renew Economy.

Australia cannot depend on Mineral Resources Cassandras Legacy Remote 2018-03-26

Australia's Mineral Resource extraction won't support our lifestyles for much longer. Mining of depleting resources takes ever more expensive energy and resources. Too bad we are not using them wisely. But we have no end of solar and wind energy resource flow, we just need to increase our harvesting and storage capacity.

Repower NSW Here Blog 2018-03-25
Are we still waiting for our last chance?

I hear a double meaning to the slogan "Repower NSW". We need to replace coal and gas with renewable energy sources. We need to compost our fossil government and regrow some proactive nature renewal.

NSW plans to setup three key regional energy zones, as catch up for renewable energy Renew Economy Remote 2018-03-23

The map shows the target areas centred around Hay, Dubbo and Armidale in NSW.

The Sydney Morning Herald published on 18th February 2018, with a similar map, with the headline of

Solar 'tsunami' coming in Australia as NSW accelerates approvals

Quote from Renew Economy --- The push for renewable energy zones has also been embraced by Transgrid, the operator of the main transmission lines, which has argued that the shift to 100 per cent renewables is perfectly feasible and affordable.

The process of replacing coal & gas is getting underway, and not before time, because global warming is already getting too hot.

#Time2Choose Here Blog 2018-03-20


Fracking fuels global warming Think Progress Remote 2018-03-07

Global Methane in our atmosphere continues to rise. A big contributor is no-good for anyone fracking for gas and oil, that governments and corporations pretend to be a "transition fuel". NASA has done global methane emission sums, and we are the culprits.