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John Davis Film: Coal - Is It Worth It? Here Blog 2017-06-23

" Coal - Is It Worth It" is  documentary style file that was being made by the late John Davis, was completed and presented by Felicity Davis.  Four opportunities at Event Cinema, demand film.

Carbon Tracker reports Gas has a limited future as a transition fuel SMH Remote 2017-06-22

Peter Hannam article in Sydney Morning Herald links to a Carbon Tracker report that replacing Coal with Gas for energy goes only a little way in the Carbon Emissions Budget game. Other published studies exist have also shown a gas transition makes no significant carbon difference overall to our existential risk. The Finkel report did not highlight that gas is still a pathway down "Disaster Alley". Natural Gas in electricity generation must rapidly decline beyond 2030.

Finkel Report too conservative New Matilda Remote 2017-06-21

More views on the Finkel Report. Ian McAuley notes how in many ways in design and usage our electricity grid and appliances were built to cater for coal power stations. Different sorts of thinking are required when our primary energy sources become a recurring Flow, and not a declining Stock. Energy storage and demand management are part of learning to cope with variability of natural energy flow, and the technologies are already available. Image is of world's tallest solar thermal power tower planned in Israel.

Tony Abbott at fault for higher electricity prices Guardian Remote 2017-06-16

Exactly what is Tony Abbott's self-interest in prolonging the life of Australia's dirty old coal power stations? They have been sold off cheaply to various private power companies. Policy uncertainty leads to a lack of new investment in the power sector. Electricity prices and private profits go up. Therefore all concerns the Liberal-National party expresses about higher electricity prices, has been a business profiteering scam, or worse still, typical of all government policy that is corruptly set by vested interests.

Finkel Review gets Reviewed Here Blog 2017-06-15

The Finkel "Independent Review of the National Electricity Market" has been talked about more times and by more people than it has been read. Conservative politicians, including Tony Abbott, and Malcolm Robertson, seem most content to talk about when they haven't read it. It must be hard to read something you know you are not going to like. It must be so much easier to get someone else to do the reading and and tell you what to think.

Coal hysteria over NEM report Here Blog 2017-06-13

Die-hard coal resistance and emotional hullabaloo is on full display this week, after the NEM report was released. Alan Finkel, our chief scientist, was lead hand. The report was subtitled a "Blueprint for the Future". Its title proclaims it to be "Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market." 

Much of the phatic noise is from the reactionary parts of the federal Coalitional government, over any part of the concept of "regulation.

Secret coal finance of EFIC New Matilda Remote 2017-06-12

EFIC is Australia's export credit agency. It has a strong habit of funding overseas coal projects which incur terrible environmental and social results. With such a poor track record, it has no evidence of its ability for due diligence and no ability to heed environment and social liabilities for the Adani Coal project, in its advice for the NAIF.  Its records are locked beyond public scrutiny. The exaggerations and false promises that go with every coal mine proposal grow with the decline of the global coal industry.

Adani funding coal stack up Here Blog 2017-06-10

There must be still a large number of ALP staffers in Canberra who do not seem to understand that the Adani Coal Mine does not "stack up".  Bill Shorten used the term "stacks up" not so long ago, presented by the ABC in April 12th, 2017, seen as footage here.

My "Guarding the Galilee" Film Review Here Blog 2017-06-09

The film "Guarding the Galilee" was presented tonight at a local community hall. There is plenty enough in the film, much more than I could write here. There was impressive visual imagery and well-spoken people to tell their stories. The Australian state of Queensland is undergoing big changes, and its demand to fix jobs and growth won't be met by paying for and building a destructive mega-coal mine, for the tax-dodging corrupt Indian billionaire Mr Adani.

Australian Export Gas Gamble Failed IEEFA Remote 2017-06-07

Not only does Australian gas export industry pay next to nothing back to Australia, it is at risk of collapse and shutdown from market oversupply and high costs. Nice to know how much profits were expected, in decades of planning and first building the 3 big export plants, and then expecting to open new gas fields just about anywhere to feed them.  "Limits to Growth" is applying ever more strongly to economies everywhere, but there are no limits to greed and governments in collusion with sweet talking corporations. The race to "frack", with all its harmful consequences, to water, land and global climate, was spurred by the scent of illusionary big profits, so enticing that governments wrote their energy and climate policy based on it.

Adani CCRAP approval is a stunt IEEFA Remote 2017-06-07

Of course Adani would love to swindle a billion dollar loan off the Australian government. The relevant political party palms have been fully greased by donations.

IEEFA update - [ ..  "Adani Mining Pty Ltd (Australia) has negative $230m shareholders’ funds and net debts of A$1,478m as of March 31, 2017.” "Adani Power is reported this week to be trying to sell a majority stake in its flagship, loss-making Mundra import-coal-fired power plant to the Gujarat government." ..]

Electricity from coal cannot compete with low cost solar and wind energy.  New coal is climate change denial nonsense, as we already run a strong risk of going way beyond 2 degrees C of warming. Adani coal is a black hole, a stranded asset. No financial institution should lend money to this company. The Queensland and Australian governments need their heads examined, for even thinking of it.  It is a criminal offense to be giving away country, land and water, for a new coal mine.

USA as global warming turn-coat Here Blog 2017-06-01
President Trump's divorce from reality is more evidence that the USA is in a process of steep decline, and has now given up, in one simple step,  a large part of its global cover of moral and intellectual authority. No surprises as USA President Trump announces that it pull out of Paris Climate Deal. Now we get to see who are going to join in as the real climate turn-coats, as various climate change denial interests around the world try to make political hay out of it. This would have to include fossil fuel interests and mining corporations.