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Tax cuts for the rich, no cuts to carbon emissions Here Blog 2017-12-21
Australian Government continues to be a climate liar and a climate laggard

Solutions to the climate challenge are well known, cost effective and available today, but Australia's carbon emissions continue to rise. So says the Australian Climate Council.

Our Australian Government does not want to hear, see, or talk about it, Ostriches don't really try to hide their heads in the sand, but our Australian Government keeps trying to bury itself in Coal.

Sydney Waste Incinerator Survey Here Side 2017-12-08

Sydney Waste Incinerator Survey

- Do you want to breath in aerosolized toxics?

National Party helps suck the Darling River Dry Here Blog 2017-12-04

Massive amounts of water are being stolen from the Darling River System, under the noses of regulators. Jeremy Buckingham blames inappropriate large scale cotton farming in Queensland, and deep corruption in the National Party.

Toxic and terminal Enviro Justice Remote 2017-12-04

Numb-Skulls in the NSW government have been asking to build a new coal fired power station.

NSW has very careless and lax regulation standards for our existing Coal fired power stations. They are badly managed and produce many avoidable public health consequences, as shown in this linked report from Enviro-Justice. It is remarkable how so many conservative politicians are oblivious to what is going on in the world.

We have ongoing global "Earth Systems Disruption" from climate change, energy resource depletion, and threats to water and agriculture. These have already helped cause government breakdowns and human consequences of wars, malnutrition, disease and forced migrations.  These are "Human System Disruptions" made worse by failures of recognition and adaptation to Earth System Disruptions.   Coal mining and Coal fired power stations are big economic losers to renewable energy, and are dirty polluting technology that we have to loose now, or loose our own prosperity, health and survival chances in future.

Why do we need jobs if we can have slaves working for us? Cassandra's Legacy Remote 2017-11-28
Monkey-nomics of GDP

In this study, brown capuchin monkeys became agitated and refused to perform a task when a partner received a superior reward for that same task. From Human sense of fair play

Some confronting metaphors here in this thought-filled article from Nate Hagens and DJ White. The best thing to read before Xmas present comparisons. Rising GDP is dependent on burning more fossil fuels, which replaces meaningful human work, with increasingly complex 'energy slave' systems. Investing in GDP, and more fossil fuels, makes less sense than the giant stone statues built on Easter Island, that required sacrifice of its last trees. Too many of our remaining jobs are 'make-work' to pay for the consumer items desired by our status-seeking monkey brains. As fossil fuels decline, human labor will become necessary for important work again.

The Queensland government is the real driver in Adani's dirty land grab New Matilda Remote 2017-11-27
Front line conflict on coal

Never come between the Queensland government and a basin with lots of buried coal. The Queensland Government has walked over Indigenous rights in its efforts to secure the Wangan and Jagalingou people's country, and to open up the Galilee Basin for the final frontier in a long history of often violent extractivism. The Galilee Basin Development Strategy set out to discount royalties paid by mining companies, streamline land acquisition and fast track planning approvals.

In this age of carbon emissions overshoot and global warming limits overshoot, at least nine so-called ‘mega mine' proposals have been slated for the Galilee Basin, including the Alpha Coal project. Mining the area will destroy too much land and water. It is far too much coal to burn in a world already going experiencing climate change extremes. Burning this amount of coal is a global survival risk, and of course the Great Barrier Reef will be no more.

Vultures of Collapse Here Blog 2017-11-27
Seneca Collapse Shape

What do you expect happens when continued exponential growth depends on a non-renewable resource?

As we go round in political circles in Australia, it seems that the future coming into focus is that of collapse, based on the hard pressed biophysical constraints of our environment.

The Minerals Council of Australia ought to be made illegal Here Blog 2017-11-20

Australia's most renewable resource
We had climate change political fireworks on Radio National Breakfast over the past few days. (17-Nov-2017, 20-Nov-2017). The most radical item on Friday was the report on a challenge BHP contradictions between their financial support for the Minerals Council of Australia, and BHP's public policy 'positions' on climate change mitigation. 

BHP in alliance with Rio Tinto, provides the MCA with about 60% of its funding. The MCA claims all successful responsibility for Australia's climate and energy policy failure.

Tracking global climate progress since Paris Climate Council Remote 2017-11-16

Of course its Australia's Progress lack of progress in climate change action that our Australian Climate Council focuses on. We have experienced a deep betrayal by our systems of Government and our failures of community responsibility to ourselves to change that. Despite the worlds most abundant solar and wind resources,  Australian government policy has been going backwards in a "time warp".

Power Games: Tony Abbott Finally Cleans Up With Australia’s New Energy Policy New Maltilda Remote 2017-10-25

The Coalition’s new energy plan fails on every dimension: energy, environment and politics, as described by Ben Eltham. The only winner is Tony Abbott.

The government’s energy policy hinges on some tricky wordplay about coal’s role The Conversation Remote 2017-10-25

Australia coal plants are "non-dispatchable" sources of electricity, that is it they are not capable of being turned on or off at the flick of switch, and are best suited for steady "baseload" output.  Coal and Gas are "non-renewable", and also "non-burnable" because of our global climate emergency. The "National Electricity Guarantee" marketing brochure put out as government policy defines coal as "dispatchable" energy. Coal as "dispatchable energy" is a sales marketing promotion gimmick that is very typical of the Minerals Council of Australia.

ESB told to ignore climate, as lobby groups muscle in on policy Off the Grid Remote 2017-10-25

Energy Security Board told to ignore climate lobby groups, and Australian obligations to Paris Climate Treaty. It looks like another attempt to impose coal and gas tyranny on Australia by the Minerals Council of Australia and a few big energy corporations.