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Toxic and Terminal - Coal power stations in Australia Enviro-Justice Australia Remote 2017-08-17

Report of Environment Justice Australia shows how much coal power stations are costing our local communities, our personal health , and how lax Australia regulations and enforcement fail to protect us. The money we pay for Coal Power goes to the Game of Mates. We and future generations bear the accumulating ills, while the Australia Government and Minerals of Australia play marketing games of deception.

Read the report, sign the petition, write to the government, support the organisation, etc. Important that this gets changed.

Lower cost, low carbon emissions and high efficiency Coal Power is a fraud Here Blog 2017-08-16
As well as being a carbon emissions growth nightmare, in the USA, the coal industry cannot pay for itself. It appears that a simple physics energy principle applies, to so-called advanced coal power stations, for which lower emissions are claimed. Higher efficiency also means greater cost of energy production. Dirtier and less efficient means lower cost. This has been the case for every proposed and enacted measure to reduce pollution from coal generated electricity. Coal power stations owners have always opposed every engineer change that was mandated to enforce reduced pollution. High efficiency, low cost and low emission coal power stations are unlikely to be deliverable. We would already have them if they were. They do not exist anywhere. Any GOM-less politician would know this.
Adani mining giant faces financial fraud claims as it bids for Australian coal loan Guardian Remote 2017-08-16

In India, Adani has been charged in a fraud case where allegations with evidence say it inflated invoices for an electricity project in India to shift huge sums of money into offshore bank accounts, to the value of US$235m.

Game of Mates steal the gifts of nature Here Blog 2017-08-16

"Game of Mates : How favours bleed the nation"  - by Professor Paul Frijters and Dr Cameron Murray is a must-read book. The nation is Australia, and the topic is "Grey Corruption", which is the trading of  favours that involve Grey Gifts". The multiple games played in all economic sectors steal from the pockets and well-being of ordinary people, and in Australia this has reached rampant proportions, taking up more than half our national wealth, while doing great damage to our future. From published evidence, the book details the sectors, the names and the games.

Stop Banks Funding Fossil Fuels Market Forces Remote 2017-08-16

Although our big four banks have wisely turned against funding the Adani Project, they still fund  fossil fuels more than renewable energy, which goes against the global trend.

Help the Market Forces campaign to pressure the big Australian Banks to invest in a survivable climate and energy future.

#STOPADANI - Sydney Summit Here Blog 2017-08-16

As Adani ramps up, we must rise to the challenge.

Where:  Paddington Town Hall, 249 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021
When: Sat. 2 September 2017, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm AEST

Power through Education Forum Here Blog 2017-08-16

Meet the experts.  Initiative of Greater Western Sydney Energy Alliance.

7th September 2017, 6pm for 6:30 at Western Sydney University, Parramatta Square 169 Macquarie St, corner Smith St, 1PSQ, level 9, Conference Room 3

Coal is going to zero IEEFA Remote 2017-08-12

IEEFA quote from Forbes: In the USA and globally, coal electricity generation is losing.

Most experts expect more plants to shutter as new gas-fired units come online and costs keep plunging for solar and wind power

Borneo (Kalimantan) – A Frontline for Survival of Our Planet CounterPunch Remote 2017-08-12

Andre Vltchek says he is shocked by the amount of destruction.  He begs for go-get funding to film-document it. Indonesia has the fastest rate of tropical deforestation of any other nation on Earth. Rivers are polluted, often toxic. Hundreds of species are gone forever. Unbridled coal mining is scarring the land. Horrid palm oil plantations are replacing everything. As more and more riches are being found underground, the greater is the destruction. Indonesia is one of the most corrupt nations in the world, partially because of the shameful culture of collaboration of its ‘elites’ with the West, and with extreme capitalism. What is wrong with us?

Human mass extinction event CounterPunch Remote 2017-08-09

Human industrial civilization is going to be the cause of its own mass extinction. The physiology of the biosphere that can and will bring this about is becoming clearer.  Paleontology, the study of fossil records, and the traces of past climates and atmospheres, tells us that global warming events cause mass extinctions.  In long extinct pasts, carbon dioxide is associated with low oxygen. This happens through changes in our oceans. Robert Hunziker reminds us that global warming is already reducing global oxygen production done by the tiniest of sea creatures, the phyto-plankton.

The earth is almost fully consumed Here Blog 2017-08-04
August 2nd, 2017 marked the time taken this year to consume an entire year of nature's regeneration capacity, so in total, human civilization is consuming 1.7 earths in a full year. How can that be?   Nature's capital and regeneration capacity depends entirely on in-coming solar energy.  We are consuming both, and are at maximum rates of fossil fuel consumption as well. Natures regenerative ecosystems and species have been replaced by agriculture, over-hunting, cities, mines, factories, dwellings, lots of concrete, and cut into pieces by transport infrastructure. The fossil fuel economy has almost consumed everything, and now it must end.Here is the bathtub, a metaphor for earth.
Implications of climate change for Australia's national security New Matilda Remote 2017-07-27

The Australian Senate Inquiry of the above title ends its submissions window on 4th August. Of course it is a process of dragging politicians to look at the things that have always been denied and ignored. For instance the more general Australian Defense White Paper of 2016 got around to a few sentences on the above topic. It is perhaps the availability of documentaries like "Age of Consequences", that show the impacts of climate change are going to be pervasive. Or maybe we are starting to panic appropriately. Add to climate change impacts,  the effects of global oil decline of 5% plus per year, we are talking massive changes at the same time as the removal of our energy powers of adaption, industrial production and global trade.

These impacts are unlikely to be helped by conventional defense policy. No matter how expensive and sophisticated our military hardware and well trained our defense services, they cannot stop impacts of climate change.