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Climate Change the Mother of All Risks

Richard Di Natale puts Climate Change priorities in place, in the context of National Security

Our Land is Our Life Facebook
Mining by Glencore ruins land , poisons life, while paying no tax in Australia. Macarthur Mine in the Northern Territory needs to be closed.
Going ..., Going ... .... Guardian
Earth more gone every year. - ". . . basic measures to tackle some of the key causes of environmental damage were still not being taken. . . global carbon output continues to rise. . . In rich countries, these problems have built up over decades and centuries while economic growth was pursued at the expense of the environment. . . " Does the Australian economy expect more growth from the same patterns of development in Asian developing nations?
Celebrate World Environment Day Here

Come celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th with ParraCAN:


5 pm onwards, Ginger Indian Restaurant, 94 Wigram St, Harris Park (9635 9680)

  Enjoy a delicious Indian meal and great company and presentations

Speakers from 6 pm :  Mehreen Faruqi, Joseph Zane Sikuli, Leigh Martin

Register now for this event.

Our ticket of $45 ($35 for concession) will contribute a little to ParraCAN’s fundraising effort to sustain its work for the community.

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Most scary blog article Economic Undertow
Steve Ludlum knows how to spell the story of our scary Plunder Economy, and the even scarier Entropy costs of our former economic surpluses. Bye Bye Budget Surplus.
The Worst Reporting on Climate Change. Ever. (So Far.) Doomstead Diner

Reading this linked article, did not know whether to laugh or cry. I hope my earnest scribblings rate a bit higher. This describes ( . . a news story of a quality that is becoming more common in journalism, and that in the immortal words of Henry Luce, scrawled across an inept submission for publication in TIME, “subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge.” And we really can’t afford to lose any more. . . ). Looking for more by the same author, I found the title "Great Barrier Reef Damage is caused by Coral Bleaching". Really, that's how Greg Hunt must think. The site is aptly titled "Modern Readers". Watch out for politician-speak induced brain damage during this election campaign.

Laffer Budget : No Jobs and Growth only for the Rich Here
Unfortunately Mike Secombes excellent an analysis of the LNP Budget "Economic Plan" is behind a pay wall in "The Saturday Paper", so I will just have to quote the juicy bits. (Reagan ‘voodoo economics’ is at the heart of Scott Morrison's budget)
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Zero Carbon Electricity by 2035 or really bust Here

Australia has signed the Paris agreement to limit global warming to 2 degrees. Simple modelling by the Climate Institute in its report "A Switch in Time" shows that Australia's electricity sector needs a policy framework, that ensures existing high carbon generators have an urgent exit timeline to 2035, and be replaced with zero or near-zero emission energy. Too bad the ALP, LNP and major media don't have carbon credibility.

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Plank in the eye of the ALP (and LNP) Here

We live in interesting and self - contradictory times. The day after Malcolm started the Double Dissapointment election process, the big papers came out with coverage that practically excluded the Australian Greens Party. The next day papers are noticing that the major parties have "turned their backs" on the Greens. Apparently the editors are incapable of stating that they also have done so. What are they afraid off?

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Break Free Now or burn in hell soon. CounterPunch

Firestorm in Tar Sands town of Fort McMurray. This article quotes a CNN journalist - "society needs to ditch fossil fuels between 2050 and 2100 ".   The fossil fuel corporations love to hear that.   Transition from fossil fuel dependency has to be Now. It is "Break Free Now or Burn in Hell soon". Interesting Times never go away for long.

Australian Make-up Newspapers do not need journalists Here
No wonder we get corrupt cowardly governments, that are craven to big business and mining interests, with the kind of Newspaper Editors we have in Australia. What is your price, Judy Whelan, editor of SMH? What is your price Chris Dore, for the Daily Telegraph? You get to keep your jobs and lives? Your shoddy journalism is not fit to read.
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Global Climate Tipping Point in the Arctic Now Here
Current observations on our world are giving new details to the words "tipping point". 2016 could be the first year with a full summer time melt of Arctic sea ice, already in the state of being a record year of ice loss. Greenland ice melt starts a whole month early this year. Global warming heat distribution has moved north with a full-on El-Nino period. Wildfires are devastating British Columbia in Canada. They also deposit fine heat absorbing soot over the ice.
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Parramatta Event: Feeling the Heat Here

Feeling the Heat : Parramatta Event - Facebook link

More than ever, the rich and the poor is a line of survival and death when inequality and climate change combine to create new extremes of oppression.
This meeting will discuss how to avert that.

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Australian Fracking Gas Boom - Bridging fuel to Nowhere Here
In the light of current Australian state and federal government incestious relationships with the gas fracking industry, it should be strongly noted, that methane gas, especially mined by fracking, is no longer considered to be a lower carbon emissions bridging fuel that leads to a zero carbon economy. In climate and global economy models, it is no better than coal as a fossil fuel, in terms of carbon emissions and increased global warming.
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New economy requires new politicians Here
The double - disillusion 2016 Budget is only 'business as usual'. I wish I could find something positive, about a "change" in the May 2016 budget made necessary, or justified by the expected double disillusion election. Its all about looking after business as usual.
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Climate Change Change Here

A new climate change hockey stick


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End of the MegaMachine
The End of the Megamachine brings to light the roots of the destructive forces threatening the future of mankind today. Investigating five thousand years of human history, the book leads us to the very origins of economic, military and ideological power. This is a link to the English Summary, as an English translated edition of the book is not yet available.
The climate change generation gap Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Climate Change Denial has a generational and racial mal-distribution. It is more likely to be from older white men in the USA.
Australia has a different cultural mix, but it is most likely that fossil fuel funded climate change denial caters most for the same conservative white male privilege. This privilege is most concentrated in the power and wealth represented by the LNP and right wing ALP in our politics.
" . . . The ethnicity gap (and the age gap) can likely be explained in part by certain groups’ general preferences for maintaining the status quo. Social scientists have identified what they’ve termed the “white male effect,” describing the fact that white males tend to be less concerned about various sources of risk than minorities and women. . . . ".

Leading Dirty Dozen Politicians for the Coal Industry BuzzFeed

The Dirty - Dozen Shills for Coal. Until proved otherwise, a majority of ALP and LNP politicians are sponsored by Big Coal. None of these parties have ever stood up as a majority in their own party in government, for the environment or climate change, as reasons enough to go against government decisions that favour big coal . Failure by history, failure by silence, failure by design. As for the rest of the Coal "sheep" and "sleeper" politicians, sign the pollution free politics pledge or resign.

GDP - Grossly Defective Philosophy vs Ecological Harmony Here
My quest is to understand mine and others predicament of being aware that we are a member of a species that is bent on global ecocide. Politically I am a citizen of the particularly wealthy nation of Australia that exhibits the "leading" worst traits of developed nations.  In the intuitive search for guidance, and choosing to selected strengthen particular nueral synapses, today, I go back to revisit the book "Plato's Revenge : Politics in the Age of Ecology" authored by William Ophuls, that seeks to strike at the political and philosophical heart of the matter.
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