A No Way Climate Plan
The Traditional Australian Way

I am advised that it is good social media practise not to point out the defects in bad posts, because that only feeds the trolls, and boosts the social media algorithms to detect lots of interest from the most ignorant. I would have followed this advice but then I would have to entirely ignore the "new" smoking "Australian Way" climate plan, to be presented at COP26 in Glasgow. The plan has all the poor quality of an inflammatory social media post, designed as propaganda. The russian facebook troll farms are nothing when compared to the Minerals Council of Australia.

As hundreds of billions of dollars of mining wealth for our foreign looters are at stake each year, the entire Australian political system is a donations hostage.

Unfortunately our government climate plans still follow same old Australia fossil fool way. It is the same old plan of corporate mining bullshit, dressed up a little bit for Scotty from marketing. The "Australian Way" is serving a dedicated global purpose, for the benefit of global fossil fuel empires, which is to give all other nations climate commitments the appearance of amazing dramatically improved quality, even if they are not yet good enough to keep this planet below 2.7° C of warming.

Our Australian Climate Council shows Australia to be way back last, out of 31 developed nations that have pledged to upgraded climate efforts.

you might be wondering what our government actually hopes to achieve by showing up in Glasgow? The short answer, as one of our Australian friends put it well, is “to get away with it”. That’s right, through the miracle of marketing, to get away with a plan to double down on fossil fuels and evade all responsibility for tackling the climate crisis. - Dr Simon Bradshaw – Director of Research (Projects) Australian Climate Council

The satirical "The Shovel" article, has evidence of the deepest possible level of expert analysis the government made, found on the back of an envelope The "Australian Way" is to wait until magic "technology" makes the pain of climate change mitigation entirely free for Australian businesses, and spend big on a sugary marketing campaign. The governments fairy god mother, the Minerals Council of Australia, and Rupert Murdoch are arranging it all.

The New Australian Way

As for "technology" the federal government is leaving that up to our state governments, who have seen that there will be real jobs and economics in investment in more renewable energy systems, to replace the more expensive coal and gas.

I am sure "The Australia Way" is intended by the LNP as a popular election slogan - winning strategy, even better than Tony Abbott's "Axe the tax". It may seem that the federal ALP is unlikely to come up with cogent and saleable explanations of why they supported our "gas-led recovery" as they splutter incoherently about climate policy, and "sovereign risk", it stands a good chance of working. I await a real ALP climate policy with no breath holding.

The brief time the carbon tax was operational, was the best part of the Greens-ALP partnership, is partly responsible for Australia being able to still meet its existing easy emissions reduction targets of 26-28%, based on the 2005 peg. Now it appears we might stretch that out to 30% by 2030. It seems we may have to wait for the collapse of civilisation and life itself on our biosphere, before the rich fossil fuel corporations relinquish their political control of our major institutions and media. If we actually tried, an amazing 75% of cuts could be achieved in Australia by 2030. Plausible schemes have been all drawn up, for example ,in Australian by Beyond Zero Emissions, waiting for investment and commissioning, but cannot get a hearing from our foreign fossil-corporate controlled government.

And so far, the foreign fossil fuel companies that have our government by the shirt-fronts, are getting away with it. They are getting away with next to no tax. They are getting away with despoiling our land and water. They are getting away with corrupting our political parties.  Our ex-politicians get cushy retirement jobs working for them. They are getting away with billions of dollars of resources every year at little cost to their balance sheets. The state governments get some royalties.  The government pays out even more in public subsidies to these foreign corporations. They are making idiots out of the Australian electorate. They are getting away with killing life on our biosphere with the on-sold carbon emissions. They are getting away with blue murder. It is our only little blue planet.

Another cartoon from Pope needs better airing, for the fans of the movie "Zoolander", shows Angus Taylor with his climate change stopping new look. Thank you, Canberra Times.  Gas is the opposite of climate change stopping technology. Carbon capture and storage is a very expensive fantasy. This federal governments climate fantasies are becoming rapidly fatal. I call it the most foul of treason. This government must be sacked.

Proving that just only looks can kill a planet

Michael Rynn
The Australian No Way a Climate Plan
The Australian Way, Climate Plan
A Nothing Climate Policy

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