Help sow the seeds of a greener future

Tree planting in Granville and Merryland parks went ahead as planned. A total of 300 new trees are now taking advantage of our spring rains.

Tree planting celebrations at Merrylands Park

Trees are an important part of the total web of life which maintains our biosphere. Thank you to all the volunteers and government agency which made this enhancement of our local environment possible.

Something to outlast our fossil fuel governments.

Homes for birds, carbon burial agents, shade and soil holders, sights for sore eyes.

Trees have better wisdom than ours, they wave thousands of green flags.

They treat our sick climate bombed atmosphere, 

Our government stands for hand outs, of money from miners of fossilized death.

They sell climate bombs to the world and claim innocence of consequence.

After global civilization starves and dies, who will be left to buy?

Michael Rynn
Local Trees planted now may out-last our civilization
Local tree planting success
Help sow the seeds of a greener future

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