The EDO needs your donations now

The EDO in various states of Australia is fighting approvals for new Coal Mines and Fracking projects. Members of our governments and public service institutions behave as if they have been bought up to serve corporations, and have no decent regard for country, water, climate, people and biosphere. Short term money appears to be all that politicians care about. Here are  links to two upcoming legal court campaigns that need your funding help, that the EDO thinks are worth fighting, because our environments are worth defending.

Of course politicians will argue that jobs and the economy are on the line, and we need "economic growth".  Unfortunately in this age of accelerating global heating, fossil fuel resources collapse, and biosphere collapse, this human civilization is already way over a big red overshoot line, and our human species has no other choice but to backup and find better ways to exist sustainably.

Even more climate harmful than more coal mines, are methane leakage and water toxicity of fracking projects in the NT, with approvals given for thousands of wells. For detailed information, more than a politician would ever care to ask, go to Protect Country Alliance.

Michael Rynn
The EDO needs your donations now
Mount Pleasant Coal Mine, Stop fracking in the NT, EDO
The EDO needs your donations now

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