Turn Australian Climate Policy Around
Australia sets to play its traditional role at COP26 global climate talks

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Climate For Change - networked presentation online on October 24th 2021. Sunday at 3 - 6pm.

This "Climate for change" , using the latest Online "Climate for Change" movement, as facillitated by ParraCAN. It is to present our climate predicaments as a global problem. Sorry to say, but that makes all of us in Australia a global problem.

We need to subvert the conventional and social media tropes, that remove responsibility for carbon emissions from our government and society, and immunise ourselves to its blatent and ubiquitous climate denial propaganda. Global heating already changes how we live. It should be changing how we relate to and vote for our politicians, because political action on climate is negative.

The politics of climate change policy in Australia has been extremely toxic and results in government denial and negligence. The level of foreign corporate money corruption is difficult to gauge how high. Large amounts of money drive the agendas and configure ideology.

Corporate plans and actions that promote growth of coal and gas exports are contrary to global climate policy aims. Government ministers talk and act like corporate lobbyists and sales people. If Prime Minister Scott Morrison is so sure about the strength of government policy, he should proceed to Glasgow and have it stress tested in front of the world audience. Climate policy gets no viability testing here in Australia, we cannot be said to have any. Global heating obviously requires global solutions, and therefore global participation and cooperation.

But this is Australia, the land Down Under where the policies are Arse-End Up. We don’t tax the burning of fossil fuels, we tax those trying not to. It couldn’t happen in a country less captured by greed, self interest, powerful business lobbies, and an ignorant and spiteful Murdoch media. Renew Economy 22nd Nov 2020

How and why should we actively care about this? How much more pressure should and needs be placed upon the political powers before policy becomes sufficient according to what climate sciences and our growing climate experiences are telling us? How can we grow voter pressure under the blanket of Murdoch media? 

Australia is a major laggard for global cooperation on actions to reduce global carbon emissions. The reasons are obvious. We have the highest levels of carbon intensive powered lifestyle, per capita.  We do not count the contribution of foreign emissions as we import them embedded in all our life-style products. The foreign mining corporations are making off with billions of dollars, exporting greenhouse gas emissions, and paying no tax. We major exporters of coal and gas, along with other minerals, and import a wide range of manufactured products made with energy from coal, gas and oil.

Despite having large areas of sun-drenched land, and good wind resources, and 40 years of warnings about global heating, our closure rate of our centralised carbon burning power stations is low. Yet the Australian Electicity Market Operator, AEMO, says 90% renewable sources for electricity is possible by 2030. We have a widely dispersed population supplied by lots of big trucks, with heavy loads over long distances, running on what turns out to be lower quality diesel fuels, that restrict fuel and engine efficiency measures. Despite an advantage of our population centres being largely coastal, our rail and shipping options are under-developed and under-utilised. Our approaches to conserving forests and bio-diversity are capitalist and destructive.

Michael Rynn
Australian climate politics gets ready for its traditional role in global climate conference. Climate for change Parracan Zoom 24th October 2021 forum.
Climate for Change. Corporate Politicians. Corporate Climate Politics. National Climate Denial Media. Fossil Fuel Corruption Lurks Everywhere in Australia.
Turn Australia's Climate Policy Around

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