Unreleased report on external global warming security risks for Australia
Global warming presents now by far Australia's biggest national security threat, for both internal and external risks

In late 2022, an Office of National Intelligence (ONI) initial climate risk assessment — an election promise of the Albanese government — was distributed to members of the federal cabinet. It addressed external but not domestic climate threats. Since then there has been no government response to, or public communication of, the assessment’s findings. - Government has a duty to reveal climate security risks even if shocking - Renew Economy Article

There are plenty of commonly available publications about likely future climate impacts, and consequences to Australia. Just because our government refuses to acknowledge them with report releases and appropriate changes of policy, doesn't mean they do not already exist. Also non-release does allow a full and free speculation as to the reports real contents. Future generations are already over-shadowed by the presence of the hyperobject of our global climate bomb.

One factor which may loom large in the defensive minds of our national security boffins, is expectations of massive human migrations from tropics and sub-tropical regions. Nations to Australia's north have hundreds of millions of people,  and they soon may become unable to support their populations with adequate food and water, and will need to escape killing heat waves.

Migration is already an essential future climate survival reflex. Global fish populations are moving pole-wards in order to breathe by escaping warmed oxygen depleted oceans.  Plants and animals on land are migrating to stay within their temperature tolerances. Failure of migration is extinction.

Australian governments have continued to invest in creating barriers to the migrations of future global warming victims, but policy is still designed to subsidize excessive mining and exports of coal and gas which are the proven causal agents of our self-triggered, exploding global climate bomb. Our subsidies and responsibility for the growing climate bomb will blow up back in our faces.

Australia can expect to experience its own future internal population migrations to escape the growing climate extremes in its northern regions, and we already fail to fully support those impacted with growing recurrences of multiple local weather disasters.

Why the silence from the government? ... Given the extent of the risks associated with climate change, the likelihood is the government was told some uncomfortable things.-- Government has a duty to reveal climate security risks even if shocking - Renew Economy Article

The natural political response of politicians to government helplessness is facts hiding and public bluster. What we need some public honesty. The document "Climate Security up front" by a "Australian Security Leaders Climate Group" spells out our dangerous delusions of our government.

Talking loudly about the China threat whilst lips are sealed on climate threats is a catastrophic and irresponsible failure in security analysis.
Climate Security up front

The anxiety, fear, denial and obfuscation of our institutions form a barrier to more effective actions. As it is now, we are all in danger of becoming mere statistics, as casualties of the disasters from global warming, while our tax-dodging and wealth growth creation elites that run our banking and government institutions follow their instincts to look after money and energy dependency interests. Perhaps they prefer to tell themselves, what else can they do, its the economy?

The facts are that there is no way to protect our society and economy as it is from the massive climate changes and migration dislocations to come. No national security apparatus or government or national economy will be able to pretend to be functional. Our economies are hollow, largely fossil fuel energy dependent and such links are easily broken. This is the basis of USA and Australia's national assertiveness. The military threat behind it is hollow. No national government is competent in the face of the global warming hyperobject.

The physical fragility of Australian and USA economies - hollow and fully dependent on energy from fossil fuels to power all their links - image metaphor from "Our finite world"

Meanwhile no matter what is happening,  maybe it is good to remember that we are most likely to achieve our best when carrying out our presented duties of care towards all other beings that we have responsibility for, including non-humans. This should be truer than ever in our age of massive human ecological overshoot.

There is no answer here of course. I just hope it gets you closer to the question. --  What Should An Individual Do In The Face Of Collapse?  Indi.ca - Medium.com

Why governments are out their depth.

Moving fluidly between philosophy, science, literature, visual and conceptual art, and popular culture, the book argues that hyperobjects show that the end of the world has already occurred in the sense that concepts such as world, nature, and even environment are no longer a meaningful horizon against which human events take place. Instead of inhabiting a world, we find ourselves inside a number of hyperobjects, such as climate, nuclear weapons, evolution, or relativity. Such objects put unbearable strains on our normal ways of reasoning.    Review of Timothy Morton's Hyperobjects 

Michael Rynn
ONI report on external security threats to Australia caused by global warming is likely to be a clanger.
ONI report on external security threats to Australia caused by global warming is likely to be a clanger.
Unreleased report on external global warming caused security risks for Australia

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Comments (1)

Phil Bradley(New South Wales, Australia)says...

This is outrageous that the Albanese government is hiding this critically important climate security risk assessment report from the public!

Are the fossil fuel companies scared the truth of our climate crisis will get out and result in no more new coal and gas being approved?